Quick Studies (Updated)

Back to basics.

Decided to correct some bad habits by relearning some of the basics. I noticed that when working on digital paintings I was relying too much on the Brush Transfer settings, for opacity. This would require me to do multiple passes at a single spot which resulted in works that took a long time and were rather pale.

While finding the correct color palette is still taking me a long time this should get faster overtime. I'm also now using Coolorous, a really cool plugin for Photoshop — and other applications. This plugin is a great replacement for Photoshop's default Color panel and it makes the process of picking colors a breeze. If you don't feel like paying $10 for the plugin there are others out there for free but not nearly as good.


I've added two more studies. The first one is of a glass with passion fruit juice and of a clock. The glass study was particularly difficult since I was really thirsty. I had originally gotten the glass to drink it but while looking for something to work on, I couldn't find anything else that interested me.

In these studies I made a copy of the original sketch to overlay it. I put considerably more time than I usually put in the sketch stage, trying to get the proportions right and really studying the perspective.